We believe that this proposal is entirely inappropriate within an area of unique natural beauty and historic character - and we'd like to share our many reasons with you on this website.

"From the water-shed on which the Gibbet stands, another and greater water-shed is clearly visible, twenty miles away at the head of Redesdale. This is the curving sweep of the Border Ridge dividing England and Scotland, sweeping down from the north-east to the south-west corner of Northumberland., like the curve of England's head. The view from the Gibbet embraces the north-eastern half of this arc, from the Great Cheviot Hill itself to Carter Fell".

George Macaulay Trevelyan
The Middle Marches - 1926 reprinted in 1976 by Frank Graham

Despite all of the evidence that the endless proliferation will in no meaningful way contribute to the real energy needs of the country, our government still persists in pouring millions of pounds of OUR MONEY into the wind farm industry. This is forcing many of our most vulnerable citizens into real fuel poverty directly by the obscene levels of subsidies levied through all of our ever rising fuel bills and paid out to a handful of speculators and developers involved in this disgraceful racket.