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Elsdon was once the capital of Redesdale and a key strategic village in the passage of trade and goods from England to Scotland. The proximity of the village to the border meant that Elsdon was in the heart of the "Debatable Lands" of the Border Reivers.

Thankfully, the village is a lot more peaceful today, well it was before the arrival of Middle Hill Renewables anyway!

Because of its colourful historic past, the area has a scheduled monument in the form of the Motte and Bailey Castle in the village - the southern view of which will be dominated by the turbines. There are also 2 Grade I listed buildings including the Pele Tower and St Cuthbert's Church - again, from both buildings, the turbines will dominate the horizon.

Much has been made of the proximity of the proposed turbines to Winter's Gibbet, described as nothing more than, "Victorian Disneyland" by Air Farmers representative, Bob Morgan (you can read it here). However, whatever Mr Morgan thinks of the Gibbet is frankly irrelevant. What is relevant is the fact that it is a Grade II listed monument!

A brief search on Elsdon on Keys to The Past, Durham University's on-line historic records database reveals a huge number of entries for such a small village. Within the scoping report of the site presented by Middle Hill Renewables Ltd., the historic and archeological relevance of the area is given little more than a dismissive “Desk top” overview, the conclusion of which seems to be that there is nothing on the site of archeological importance because there has been nothing found.

We would question such a conclusion by simply suggesting that the fact that there has been nothing found on Middle Hill is actually far more likely to be due to the fact that no one has actually looked!

Effect on Tourism
Northumberland is a region marketed very much on its unspoilt and rugged nature - and many businesses have developed around this fact. Businesses such as Shepherds Walks, Experience North Country, What's Special About Northumberland and Adventure Northumberland to name just a few - all make their money from the asset of the region - and provide employment in doing so.

There are also numerous and hugely successful holiday accommodation providers in both the immediate and wider areas. Truth is, no-one goes on holiday to see wind farms!