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For a number of years, Northumberland National Park Authority has marketed the region as "The Land of the Far Horizon" from the poem by George Trevelyan, "The Middle Marches". It is a title the county is justifiably proud of - but for how long? The massive financial rewards on-hand have encouraged a rash of speculative developers such as Air Farmers to try and secure planning permission on sites which are totally and utterly inappropriate.

We are in danger of becoming, "The Land Of The Rotating Horizon"!

This visual impact does not simply effect the immediate area, not should it be judged simply by the amount of "Space" these turbines take up - The visual impact of massive 125 metre high turbines in this landscape is as profound as it is devastating. It effectively destroys the spirit of the place, the very reason many people visit the region to walk, cycle, ride horses and yes, choose to live here!

The economic effect of this loss is incalculable at this stage, but one thing is certain - It is permanent. Despite promises of 25 year life, the truth is no-one knows just how long the installation will be allowed to remain in operation or if it will even be economical after the initial honeymoon period of subsidised (by you and me via our energy bills!) returns to developers dries up, to remove them at all.

The Campaign to Protect Rural England voted Northumberland as the Most Tranquil Place in the UK - This is a very real and precious asset that once lost, can NEVER be re-gained.