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Because of the massive subsidies that are being offered to developers every single person who gets an energy bill dropping through their door will be affected by increasing utility bills! We are all PAYING for this madness.

More local than this, the entire region of north east England is being impoverished by the destruction of its open space. Space which allows people to get away from the everyday stresses and pressures and enjoy the open ruggedness of the area by walking, cycling, horse riding, etc. Even a run out in the car won't have the same effect when the view of the Cheviot is obscured by nine massive (but inefficient) power generating turbines on the drive over the A696 to Otterburn and the Carter Bar.

And very locally, the residents of Otterburn, Redesdale, Harwood, Cambo and Elsdon have the prospect of living with this development for a lifetime.

The thorny question of house prices
A major concern of many who own their own home in an area where a potential wind farm has been proposed is the effect upon the value of their home. In truth what needs to be remembered is that any negative effect has already happened as soon as the potential wind farm development is announced - In other words, don't worry about the development reducing the value of your home - as that has already happened!