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In August 2011 Middle Hill Renewables Limited publicly revealed its proposal to build a wind farm composed of 9 massive turbines at Middle Hill near Elsdon, on the very boundary of the Northumberland National Park.

From base to tip each turbine will be 125m high (410ft), that’s over six times the height of the Angel of the North (20m) or over two and a half times the height of Mount Gilbert Radio Masts (47m).  The blade diameter will be 90m, that’s longer than the length of a Boeing 747 jet which has a wing span of only 59.6m!

Each turbine will have three blades, on a horizontal-axis so they can turn into the wind.  They will be typical pale-grey in colour, to blend in with the environment and have a low reflective finish.  

Each turbine is hoped to have a generating capacity of 3MW, so that’s 27MW for the site.  The electricity generated will not be available locally to use, but it will be fed into the National Grid. The means to do this will also be subject to planning permission and will involve miles of cabling along the A696 to the nearest entry point to the National Grid.

Turbines will sit on a concrete platform of at least 18m x 18m x 2.5m deep, so that’s at least 1,000 tons of concrete per turbine.  Calculations at this stage can't be accurate as the exact topography of the area, i.e. peat or marsh area, has not been determined.

The proposal also includes the construction of access tracks, initially 5m wide to allow construction vehicles, cranes etc, but these will be reduced to 2.5m wide for operational use during the site's 25 years of operation. An anemometer mast, borrow pit, crane hard standing pads, temporary site construction compound, sub-station building, transformers and underground cabling are also proposed for the site.

We have been chosen because developers think Northumberland is a soft target. We already have more wind farm approvals than any other county in England, but there are still many applications in progress - despite the region already having reached its 2020 target already!