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Each of the nine turbines will sit on a steel reinforced concrete platform of at least 18m x 18m x 2.5m deep (so that’s at least 1,000 tons of concrete per turbine).  Calculations at this stage cannot be accurate as the exact topography of the area, i.e. peat or marsh area, has not been determined.

The proposal also includes the construction of the following :

  • Access tracks, initially 5m wide to allow construction vehicles, cranes etc, but these will be reduced to 2.5m wide for operational use during the site's 25 years of operation.
  • An anemometer mast, which will be permanent with at least a hub height of 80m.
  • Crane hard standing pads. Each turbine will have a hard standing area, made from permeable local stone to support the cranes during the construction process.  These pads would remain during the turbines' lifetime to allow maintenance when required.
  • Secure site construction compound; this would be removed once construction is complete
  • Borrow pit, for stone for construction of the access tracks
  • A substation to house switchgear and metering equipment will connect the wind farm to the National Grid.  This substation will be approximately 15m by 10m, height 5m

To facilitate National Grid connection every turbine will be connected to the onsite substation via underground cables, it is hoped the cabling will follow the access roads where possible.  All cabling would be underground.

Further cabling, either underground or by overhead pylons will be required to connect the electricity generated to the nearest National Grid entry point, many miles away, possibly along the A696.

Construction: the A696 will be choked with convoys of HGVs, with construction taking approximately 9 months. Traffic would increase by an many thousands of HGV loads during that time.

The impact on traffic with the numbers of concrete lorries arriving together with the turbines themselves.

Firstly, the safety involved in the actual construction of the site and the erection of the turbines themselves. The access off the A696 road which has been outlined as the route in which the materials for the construction work will be delivered is a notoriously dangerous stretch of highway. Thousands of EXTRA HGV loads over a MINIMUM of 9 months development would present nothing other than even more potential for accident and fatality on this stretch of road.