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From base to tip each turbine will be 125m high (410ft), that’s over six times the height of the Angel of the North (20m) or over two and a half times the height of the Mount Gilbert Radio Masts (47m).  The blade diameter will be 90m, that’s longer that the length of a Boeing 747 jet which has a wing span of only 59.6m!

Each turbine will have three blades, on a horizontal-axis so they can turn into the wind.  They will be typical pale-grey in colour, to blend in with the environment and have a low reflective finish.  

Because of the scale, these turbines will be visible from a vast distance and from many of the region's key tourist and visitor destinations.

From the highest point in the county, the peak of Cheviot (2674 feet), the intrepid souls who have slogged their way to the summit to experience the peace and unspoilt tranquillity of the place will have a great view of them directly to the south. As will cyclists heading over the challenge of Billsmoor on the A68 Cycle Route. As will walkers on the Pennine Way - in fact, the visible impact study from Air Farmers themselves has the site visible even from Newcastle upon Tyne!

The proposal of gigantic structures in such an open landscape is very difficult to comprehend. Indeed the impact of the turbines on the very character of the area will, we believe, be fundamental and also devastating.

Propossed Wind Farms in the Area